Looking for a sustainable, multi Generation  Community?

We are embarking on our journey of creating a small tiny house community in the Tasman region, the Tasman Eco village.

Our Vision is to create a small rural community within 1 hours drive from Nelson  that provides a healthy and co-operative lifestyle, preferably based upon an existing farm that already has buildings/infrastructure and existing orchards/forest/grazing.

Even in wonderful New Zealand, not all is well and change is needed. We are still working on the collective vision that would be the glue for the community, but the direction of thinking is centered around a Faith-Based Social Enterprise – such as an organic farm leading to organic produce as a service to society.

If you share a similar vision and would like to be part of it, please enter your name and contact details below. We look forward to chatting with you further. 

About Us

Arohanui Tiny Homes  was born in 2021 (aroha nui = deep affection) with a passion to design affordable, stylish and innovative tiny homes on wheels - Tiny Homes, Big on Love.
We aim to meet the need of people, especially in the Tasman / Nelson regions.