Riwaka (23SQM)


Welcome to the Riwaka, a beautiful tiny home on wheels with one bedroom. This cozy living space has a total floor area of 23 square meters, making it ideal for individuals, couples, or as an Airbnb rental. The Riwaka's entrance features a large sliding glass door that leads into a bright living area with a full-height glass window that fills the interior with natural light.

Investment: $104,000 (incl. appliances)

SALE: Now $94,000 (incl. appliances)

Large Glass Living Space


With a tall floor-to-ceiling window and a glass sliding door in your living/dining space, you can really enjoy the beauty of the outdoors even when you're inside. This design not only provides ample natural light, but also connects you with the world outside, making your tiny home feel more open and spacious. You can watch the changing seasons, enjoy the warmth of the sun, or simply appreciate the serenity of nature - all whilst sipping your morning coffee.


Beautiful Burnt Wood

(Shou-Sugi-Ban) Ceiling effect.


The use of the “burnt wood" effect, also known as Shou-Sugi-Ban, on the Riwaka’s ceiling provides a stunning and unique aesthetic. This technique involves burning the surface of the wood, which creates a beautiful contrast of dark and light colours, giving the wood a distinctive texture and pattern. This makes for a longer-lasting, visually appealing feature that enhances the overall design of your space.

Raised Kitchen

The Riwaka’s large raised kitchen offers ample work surfaces and storage cupboards, provide plenty of space for meal prep and storage options for kitchen supplies, utensils and appliances (including a 4-burner gas hob, electric oven and fridge).


Underfloor Storage


Underfloor storage in the Riwaka’s kitchen is a smart solution for maximising space and minimising clutter. If you're going off-grid, it's also designed to be the place to store your solar power batteries - with a conduit to the roof (if you should choose to position your solar panels there).

Full Features:

Perfect for singles, couples or Airbnb rentals

2.4m x 7m platform. Light Steel Frame. Total weight: 3.9 tonnes

Lofted bedroom (sleeps 2)

23 SQM total internal floor space

German branded (Siegenia) double-glazed windows and doors.

Sliding glass door + full height glass window

Modern bathroom with shower, vanity & toilet (Bambooloo Composting toilet or flushing toilet)

Modern kitchen including appliances (4 flame gas stove, range hood, oven, fridge)

Under floor storage space.

Fully insulated walls, floors, ceiling.

AustralianThermann gas califont for hot water

Roof conduit for solar panel cabling.

About Us

Arohanui Tiny Homes  was born in 2021 (aroha nui = deep affection) with a passion to design affordable, stylish and innovative tiny homes on wheels - Tiny Homes, Big on Love.
We aim to meet the need of people, especially in the Tasman / Nelson regions.